At Lash Society, we offer three different types of eyelash extensions. Volume, Hybrid, and Classic. Volume is definitely the most full and fluffy look. Your lash artist hand-makes each individual "fan" and applies it to each of your natural lashes. Classic lashes are one single false lash applied to each of your natural lashes, and a Hybrid set is a mix of both Volume and Classic!

Eyelash Lift + Tints are a fun way to accentuate the natural lashes if you don't think eyelash extensions are right for you! One of our trained lash artists will safely "lift" your natural lashes using a perm solution to give them a curled look. If you have light colored lashes, adding a tint to this service is a great way to add some drama as well!

Lash Society offers two types of hair removal - Threading and Waxing! Threading has quickly become the desired alternative to waxing for many of our clients, as it is less irritating to the skin and can last longer than waxing as well! If threading is not for you, however, we gladly offer waxing as well!

Dermaplaning is such a fun and easy way to remove unwanted dead skin and "peach fuzz" from the face. After getting dermaplaned, you can expect bright, glowing skin that absorbs your skincare products more effectively, and also creates a flawless and silky smooth look when applying your makeup!