When it comes to helping you look your best and feel confident, trust me, we’ve got you covered! Whether you want to enhance the look of your natural lashes with a lift or lash extensions or get a spray tan for an upcoming event, we are here for you. We’ve also got two of the most talented makeup artists in the Fargo/Moorhead area who also specialize in microblading and facials. We can’t wait to have you in!


We can’t wait to meet you. 

Is your day-to-day life crazy busy as it is and you’re looking to offload some of your morning chaos and look incredible while doing it? 

One of our favorite things clients tell us is how much time our services save them while not compromising on looking and feeling great. Most clients don't feel the need to apply any eye makeup most days and there is definitely no need to apply mascara with lash extensions! Time hack! 

Normal beauty studios give you the ‘intimidation’ ick and fear of being judged? We’re not about that vibe. we're a friendly ans safe space.

We’re just human beings too and we love welcoming people just as they are into our chill-vibed safe space, and see them leave with four new besties who will continuously welcome you back with open arms. We don't believe in the judgment and intimidation around beauty and self-care. 

Has a beautician previously treated you as a one-box-fits-all client, and recommended you something that absolutely was not suited for you?

We love tailoring our services to suit you and always give our best recommendations for your goals or concerns. Whether that is something you're aiming for or just making sure something suits your face shape or wanting something low maintenance to fit your lifestyle, we love making sure that whatever treatment you're having done, that’s it’s truly right for you, we care about you babe.

has Life got you running ragged and in need of some serious TLC and a friendly chat while spending some time make you feel like you again?

At Lash Society we’re a chill, friendly, tight-knit group who want to help you get some self-care time. We totally understand that sometimes people come to us not so much for the beauty treatment but to get some much-needed ‘them time.' We know that our job is more than just fulfilling a service but also about providing a safe and positive energy environment for you to recenter and refuel for all of life's battles. 

Look, we get it! That's why We're not like other beauty studios

Here's what makes us different!

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Custom-designed lash map for your eye and face shape

A full set of beautiful lash extensions

Aftercare instructions

A free mini bottle of lash cleanser with cleansing brush

classic lash

The classic lash extensions are one extension applied per one natural lash, creating the most natural ‘my lashes but better’ look.

1-3 week fill $80
4-5 week fill $95
New client fill $105


A mix of classic and volume lashes. These lashes create a slightly more dramatic but still natural look. These extensions are made into fans & applied to each natural lash for a more full and fluffy look.

1-3 week fill $90
4-5 week fill $105
New client fill $115


The most voluminous option. These extensions are made into fans & applied to each natural lash creating the most full and fluffy lashes. 

1-3 week fill $100
4-5 week fill $115
New client fill $125


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pricing + info

Lash extensions typically last the same lifetime as your natural lash cycle, which is between 2-4 weeks. However, to avoid them looking patchy as they grow out, most lash salons usually recommend top-ups after 2 or 3 weeks to keep lashes looking completely full and uniform.

Whether you are coming in for your first set or just getting a fill, it's always important to cleanse your lashes the morning of your appointment with a foaming lash cleanser. (We sell a really great one!) The cleaner your lashes, the better the adhesive will hold! If you are coming in for your first set, try to avoid wearing mascara and eye makeup that day so that we can dedicate the entire appointment time to applying your lash extensions, rather than cleaning them.

If you look after your lashes properly and follow the correct aftercare and removal, then your natural eyelashes should be absolutely fine. But, if you’re a lash picker and start twiddling with them as they fall out then you can risk losing a few of your own at the same time, so make sure you avoid playing with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Lash lift + tint $75
Lash lift $65
Lash tint $25

Want to amplify your natural looks and just add a little bit of spice to what you’ve already got? Then a lash lift, lash tint or brow tint might be for you. 


Brow tint $25

Make creating on-point brows in the morning easier by having your eyebrows shaped, and tinted, leaving your morning brow routine minimal. 

Brow threading $25



A no-pain relaxing treatment of removing dead skin and ‘peach fuzz’ from your face giving your skin a renewed younger-looking glow. 

spray tans

spray tan $45

Natural streak-free tan without paying for a holiday? Get that summer healthy glow all year round with our spray tans. 

We begin the process by making sure your natural lashes are nice and clean. We then apply a silicone curling shield onto your eyelid using a very gentle water-soluble glue. We then curl your natural lashes back against the silicone curler. Next comes the perming solutions applied onto your lashes, followed up by the tint if you chose to add that onto the service. We then remove the glue and curlers and you are left with beautiful lifted eyelashes!

Lash lifts usually last anywhere from 4-6 weeks and lash tints typically last about 2-3 weeks.

7-10 days depending on how dry your skin is and how often you are exfoliating, showering, and shaving after. 

Dermaplaning is the process of using a medical-grade blade to remove dead skin and ‘peach fuzz’ from your face. Definitely not! We’ve heard from many clients that they find it relaxing. We ONLY remove the dead skin and hair so there is never any discomfort.

There is no down-time after getting dermaplaning done and most people just have a slightly pink face afterward, which goes away by the next day. Something to keep in mind, however, is that you will probably be more sun-sensitive than you typically are. So make sure you use sunscreen as part of your everyday skincare routine.

In the days leading up to your tan, it's helpful to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Avoid using moisturizer the day of your appointment, however, or the spray tan solution will not properly soak into your skin. After getting your tan, you’ll want to wait about a day before rinsing off. After you rinse, you can then go back to showering, shaving, and moisturizing like normal. 

A chill vibes place to enjoy some self-care and some much-needed you time?

are you looking for:

A studio that doesn’t give you the ‘intimidation’ ick and fear of being judged?

treatments that save yourself time and make you look damn gorgeous while doing it?

Regular beauty treatments with a team who feel more like friends than strangers?

Booking an appointment with us is easy, just click the book now button and it will take you to our Vagaro booking site to view all of our upcoming available appointments. You'll be able to select your desired appointment time and reserve it through the Vagaro website or app. A credit card is required upon booking to hold your spot, as per our cancellation/no-show policy. Your card will NOT be charged upon booking your appointment. 


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Ready to join us?

Upon arrival at Lash Society, please have a seat and make yourself comfortable in the waiting area; feel free to enjoy a Nespresso coffee or help yourself to a refreshment from the fridge. Your lash artist will come up to greet you as soon as we are ready for you. We'll bring you to your treatment room and discuss a few details with you about what you're looking for in a lash set and get started on the service. We will give you all the aftercare information you need and a free sample bottle of our lash cleanser to set you up for success with your brand new magical lash extensions! 

how your appointment goes

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Upon arrival!




let's do it

Lash Society is beautiful! So peaceful and modern. A relaxing mini-getaway from your busy life, and the best place to treat yourself! Amazing does not begin to explain Destiny’s talent. I’ve been doing lashes (and more recently brow threading) with her for a few months and continue to be blown away. She makes sure you leave with exactly what you want, and makes you look wonderful! She’s a kind, caring soul whom radiates comfort. You’ll leave refreshed, happy, and beautiful! 

A relaxing mini-getaway from your busy life, and the best place to treat yourself!

Mindy T

Lash Society is the place to go for gorgeous lashes! Destiny takes such pride in her work and it always shows. I love getting compliments on my lashes, brows, skin, etc. so I have more opportunities to talk about her talent! I always leave our appointments feeling my very best. She has a kind heart and is a talented esthetician. Anyone would be lucky to be one of her clients

I always leave our appointments feeling my very best. 

Tori S

estiny was my lash technician, she did an absolutely amazing job on my lashes. I just moved here from Minneapolis. She listened to exactly what I wanted and took the time and dedication on my lashes. She was so respectful. I’m so happy I found a new lash technician in Fargo! Thank you, Destiny! You Rock :)

 She listened to exactly what I wanted and took the time and dedication on my lashes. 

Andrea H